Breast Enhancement Luxeuty YS-909

Breast lifting, forming, care, vibration massage and enlargement
-Micro Vibration
Three pairs of cups with different sizes
Breast care oil containing plant extracts
(Similar to female hormones and naturally grown factors)

        •    Fat adsorption and Breast enlargement
        •    Increases the blood circulation and sensory nerves transmission
        •    Muscles contraction  
        •    Improves breast skin elasticity  

Red LED:
       •    Avoids to chest skin inflammation and make bosom keep healthy
       •    Stimulates blood circulation and accelerates metabolism
       •    Stimulates collagen and lifts breasts

Micro vibrations:
       •    Promotes chest blood circulation and speeds up the lymph flow by main lymphatic draining channels
       •    Breast massage
       •    promotes growth the collagen and elastin

       •    Stimulates  collagen and tightens the skin of the breasts
       •    Improves the shape of breast
General Specifications:

  •    Approved medical CE, ISO9007, ISO14971, ISO13485
  •     Under license from Luxeuty (USA)
  •     Made in South Korea
  •    Optimized energy consumption pattern
  •    Equipped to consumption counter
  •    Portable and easy to transport
  •    Power: 150W
  •    Dimensions: 51×38×23 cm3
  •     Net weight: 7 Kg

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